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The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded 50 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.

Our Magazine section has extracts from the latest issue of China Eye including contents of all issues over the last ten years.

About China is a reference resource with over 400 web pages of information about China. Including language, history, geography, archive photographic gallery and traditions.

We have launched the George Hogg Fund to promote educational exchanges between Britain and China with special emphasis on the Shandan School where he was headmaster. For more details please see George Hogg Fund Appeal.

Autumn 2016 issue of China Eye available online.
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November/December 2016

We have a number of events occurring at SACU, KCL’s Lau China Institute, and SOAS that will be of interest to members this month.

The National Ballet of China will be at Sadlers Wells on Saturday, December 3rd where they will perform The Peony Pavilion, “one of the most enduring love stories in Chinese literature. Originally performed as a Kunqu opera in a 20-hour cycle, director Li Liuyi and choreographer Fei Bo have redrawn it into a two act fusion ballet that combines Western classical ballet with conventional Far East influences.”

The Meridian Society is proposing to take advantage of this rare visit to London by the company to purchase a block of tickets in the stalls. If a minimum of 8 members sign up, we will be able to purchase £45 tickets at a discount. These will be available to SACU and Meridian members at £37.50 and to non members accompanying them at £40. To take advantage of this offer, though, the deadline is today (Wednesday) so if you would like to participate please contact

What do Africans really think about China? This story from CNN supplies a surprisingly positive (for a mainstream media source) view of what China is doing in Africa.

There are two upcoming events at King’s Lau China Institute in the next few weeks. On November 23rd, Dr. Chun-Yi Lee will speak on Across the strait: developments in investment between Mainland China and Taiwan. (Nash Lecture Theatre 17:30 - 19:30)

On December 3rd, the Lau offers a Workshop on Corpus Approaches to Chinese Social Science (CACCS) at the Strand campus, 09:00 to 16:30 Venue: S-2.23

Registration is required

This workshop is part of the Global China Dialogue taking place in London from December 2nd to 3rd.

From Caixin Online: Web Shoppers Turbocharge Shopping on China’s Version of Black Friday .

"What began as a day to celebrate singledom continues morphing into shopping bonanza, with Alibaba on track to log about $20 billion in sales"

The recent death of Delia Davin, a respected academic and long time SACU member has been reported. She was professor of Chinese studies at Leeds University and led our SACU women's tour to China in 1981 (pictured in China Eye No. 47 last year.) John Gittings has written an obituary in the Guardian and there will be more about Delia’s life and work in the next China Eye.

Michael Sheringham of the Meridian Society reports two more events on offer in November. The first is a book launch at his bookstore - Arthur Probsthauin Bookshop opposite the British Museum - on Nov 23rd of Brushstrokes in Time by Sylvia Vetta, a “fictional memoir of the childhood of a Chinese artist set in the era of the Cultural Revolution.”

Please reserve a place at

The second is organised jointly with SOAS China Institute and occurs on Nov 30th: “YANGGUIZI TO LAOWAI: Foreign presences in the People’s Republic of China” by Richard Kirkby, the well-known author of studies of China’s development, including the groundbreaking Urbanisation in China, Richard’s memoir reveals how life was for the handful of foreigners in China during the dying years of the Cultural Revolution.

Contact for talk: Meridian Society at

Thank you to Jenny Clegg for this item , a Report on the Present State of China-related Studies in the UK commissioned by the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS). The good news is that there is plenty of room for growth.

One of SACU’s earlier members was the noted cookery and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop. Fuchsia’s congratulatory message on our 50th anniversary was one of those quoted in our event programme, which was sent to all members earlier in the year. We have also received requests in the past from members - particularly from my mother - for menus and recipes. So this month we have two: 8 dishes every Sichuan visitor must try written by Fuchsia for CNN and another from SACU member Grace Zhao, Chinese language tutor and owner of China Unbound for tang yuan (汤圆), the traditional winter solstice dish symbolising family closeness. The recipe is in Grace’s new newsletter which is available upon request from

Here is a valuable freebie that also answers a question about recent Chinese fiction posted on the Generation UK: China Network site last month.

Read Paper Republic is a free online publication initiative for readers “who wonder what new Chinese fiction in English translation has to offer and would like to dip a toe in the water. The first run of stories, posted June 2015 to June 2016, are still available to read.” You can download a full table of contents as a PDF .

There are three upcoming live events:

December 6th: Poetry Translation Centre
December 12th: Dragonworld
December 16th: China Changing Festival at Southbank

And finally, the major event occurring in London and the UK in December, other than Christmas, and of rising importance in light of recent events, is The 3rd Global China Dialogue (GCD III) / Sustainability and Global Governance for Climate Change

The organisers note: China and the Chinese people are currently making an important contribution to the new world order and shaping a global society. What are the important global issues that concern China? What are the Chinese ways of thinking and doing things with respect to global issues? We provide a platform engaging both Chinese and non-Chinese in dialogue with China on a range of common concerns for the future of our world, including development, education, economics, migration, the family, the environment, public health, human security and global governance.

The Global China Dialogue series (GCDs) focuses on these issues to enhance public understanding of current global affairs and common interests through public dialogue and discussion between Chinese and non-Chinese academics, experts, professionals and practitioners and interested laypeople, from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. The GCDs also develop the rules of ‘civilized dialogue’, encouraging both sides to listen to the other, understand cultural differences, respect local customs, accept different perspectives and acknowledge the common destiny of humanity. In particular, they explore new global governance, encompassing national governments, international organizations, multinational companies, NGOs and citizens, with a mission to building a harmonious, symbiosis-based global community.

For more information or to register, go here

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