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The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded over 50 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.

Our Magazine section has extracts from the latest issue of China Eye including contents of all issues over the last ten years.

About China is a reference resource with over 400 web pages of information about China. Including language, history, geography, archive photographic gallery and traditions.

We have launched the George Hogg Fund to promote educational exchanges between Britain and China with special emphasis on the Shandan School where he was headmaster. For more details please see George Hogg Fund Appeal.

China’s 21st Century Silk Road - panel discussion 20th May - details here.
Meridian Shandong tour 15th to 29th October 2017 - details here.
Spring 2017 issue of China Eye available online.
Read the latest news stories about China in our Sinofile column.

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May - June 2017

China’s 21st Century Silk Road: Setting the terms of an alternative globalisation?

Speakers will be Keith Bennett, SACU member and Vice-Chairman of the 48 Group Club; Mr. Shao Zheng, Counsellor for Policy Analysis and Strategic Planning at the London embassy of the PRC; and SACU Vice-President Dr. Frances Wood, author, most recently, of “Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War” (co-authored with Christopher Arnander). Our Chair will be the well-known sinologist Professor Kerry Brown, Director of the Lau China Institute at KCL and also a SACU member.

China Daily led their May 12th edition with a report on the widespread interest in the UK in the “China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative” and an interview with Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK .

If you have not already reserved a place at this event, you can do so here .

There will also be a bookstall provided by the Guanghwa Bookshop.

Here is a fascinating web page with an interactive chart that shows the relative shares of world GDP for dates between 1 AD/CE and 2008 AD/CE. The chart is based on the work of the late Professor Angus Maddison, the noted chiffrephile from the University of Groningen.

Take a look at what happened to China’s share of world GDP between 1820 and 1870.

In the online Beijing-based magazine Caixin , the executive director of the International Trade Centre, Arancha Gonzalez, predicts: “With One Belt, One Road world’s economic centre of gravity returns to Asia.”

And the well-regarded Asia Briefing newsletter of business consultant Dezan Shira and Associates offers Silk Road Briefing, a website devoted to explaining features of the OBOR initiative and the UK’s relationship to it.

The SOAS China Institute will present an exhibition in three parts titled British or Chinese? Stories of Migration, Family and Identity.......” the first Chinese migrants came as sailors aboard East India Company ships and lived in London near the docks. Since then, the Chinese who have come to make their home in Britain have journeyed from the expansive Chinese Diaspora, with diverse origins, and distinct dialects and customs.”

SACU member Dr Eona Bell, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at SOAS will present part 2 of the programme with a talk titled Education and the Social Mobility of Chinese Families in Scotland on May 24th, 5 to 6 pm.

On May 23rd the second screening of Forgotten Faces of the Great War will take place from 5 to 6 pm. There will also be a talk on the making of the documentary film by Meridian Society director Wenlan Peng.

This is part of a week of events held by the SOAS China Institute at the China Exchange, 32A Gerrard Street in London. Please go here for more information and to reserve a place.

A new twist in the ever-innovative education industry: Shanghai Punishes Primary School for Drilling Parents on Their Intelligence .

On May 24th the Guanghwa Bookshop on Shaftesbury Avenue in London presents Author Talks - “A British Journey of Rediscovering China” - in which three of SACU’s personalities discuss their relationship to China.

SACU’s Chair Zoe Reed will speak about the book through which she chronicled the rediscovery of her father; VP Frances Wood, author of many books about China, will talk about the research that went into her latest work; and our prospective Webmaster, Peter Jarvis, will talk about his uncle - George Hogg - and the book Hogg wrote to describe his vision of a better future.

You don’t need to register to attend. Please come along and bring a friend.

Calling it “the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century” the BBC Witness series tells the story of the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors by the farmers and archaeologists who made the initial discoveries.

In a similar vein , but not from the BBC: “In 1964, a surprising discovery was made in China - a [5th century BCE] tomb containing the remains of hundreds of horses, arranged neatly in rows. Such a complex burial and large sacrifice clearly indicated that the tomb belonged to a person who held a high place in society. It was soon found that the tomb belonged to Duke Jing of Qi, and that the horse remains were, sadly, a sacrifice made in his honour. ”

Thanks to SACU member Barry Niedergang for this reminder of a May 20th event at the Swansea Museum: Griffith John 1931-1912, A Trilogy of Talks on his Life and Work.

The programme runs from 10 am to 1 pm and admission is free. Further details .

While reading an essay on Chinese gate architecture, I came across this reference to Pingyao, a traditional city in Shanxi:

“This ancient city has been described as an exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional Han Chinese city. Whilst the city itself was first established around the 9th / 8th century BC, during the Western Zhou Dynasty, many of the city’s present structures were built from the 14th century AD onwards.”

The article includes a five minute film about the city.

SACU’s northern members will be interested to know about “Exchanging Views” an art exhibition now showing at John Ruskin’s home, Brentwood, in Cumbria from April 27 to June 11.

“Two artists, living over 5,000 miles apart, meet in Beijing in 2015 for the first time in an exchange brokered by Li Rui, director of Dong Xi Stories. With neither artist speaking one another’s language, the only way they can communicate for an entire month is through their paintings.”

Our friends at the Chopsticks Club are hosting a “Conversation with Zhang Lijia: 21st Century Women in China”.

“We are delighted to invite social commentator and author, Zhang Lijia, to share her insights on modern Chinese women through the subject matter of her debut novel ‘LOTUS. set in Shenzhen, China’s so-called “city of sins”.

Thursday, 18th of May, 6 pm. Further details .

In the past, we have promoted several Kunqu Opera concerts in the newsletter when they have played in the UK. The SOAS Jing-Kun Chinese Opera Society and University of London Chinese Opera Network are now organising a Kunqu Opera course on Dan Basic Skills, Singing and Movements from the Peony Pavilion.

The course instructor is Kathy Hall, an experienced teacher and performer who can be contacted for fee and schedule information through her Facebook page .

This year’s China tour, organised by our colleagues in The Meridian Society, has extended it’s booking period to May 26th. The tour is in Shandong Province from the 15th to 29th October and starts in Tianjin from where it goes to Jinan (the Capital), Qufu (birthplace of Confucius), Tai’an, Zhujiayu, Qingdao (the former German settlement), and then to Yantai before ending in Weihai (the port formerly controlled by the British). Along the way are numerous excursions to points of historical interest and natural beauty.

For complete information on fees and itinerary please see .

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