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The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded 49 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.

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September 2014

On Wednesday October 1st , from 5 to 6:30 pm in the Nash Lecture Theatre at King's College London, SACU member Dr. Kerry Brown of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and Chatham House will present the London and UK launch of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, the first modern comprehensive overview of over 100 major figures who have shaped Chinese history over the last four thousand years.

Kerry will speak about the idea behind the book, and outline its contents, and SACU Vice President Dr Frances Wood , one of the UK's leading scholars on China, will present on one of the most striking of all Chinese historical figures - the man who first unified China two millenia ago, the First Emperor Qin Shihhuang.

This event is cosponsored by the Lau China Institute and the Centre for Chinese Governance Innovation, both of King's College London and SACU.

Kerry Brown is also a frequent contributor to popular and academic magazines on contemporary China and related topics. His most recent article, in the Beijing Review, looks at 'why Deng Xiaoping still matters - 110 years after his birth' .............. Deng Xiaoping: Economist, Diplomat, Reformer (see article )

SACU recently received a 'Call for Contributors' from China Outlook , an online magazine at which we are passing on to any members who may be interested. They write:

China Outlook’s objective is to create a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary discussion on China’s future. We believe that the general level of debate on China needs to be lifted and that this requires a combination of greater journalistic skills and access to better quality information. 8-10 in-depth articles are published every month at on a wide variety of topics, ranging from health and education to society and culture. Our target audience includes decision makers and analysts in the government, and the financial, commercial and academic worlds.

Some background or knowledge in Chinese culture and language would be a definite plus, and you should have a few areas of interest that you will like to write about. We do not impose a particular editorial line on our authors, and currently work with writers from a wide range of backgrounds. We continue to maintain a robust scepticism towards published/official data and retain a healthy respect for verifiable facts.

To discuss this further, contact them at

The Chopsticks Club is a business-oriented, non-political and socially-minded network of individuals who enjoy meeting over Chinese cuisine. At the last Chopsticks Club event I attended, I recognized several other SACU and Meridian Club members but if you don't already know about them, a visit to their web site will repay your interest. They offer several business-oriented talks on the October events calendar which includes a pending non-business talk by noted author John Man on Genghis Khan (though I believe the Khan's techniques are occasionally cited with approval by some business motivational speakers).

Patricia Lim, author of "Forgotten Souls: A Social History of the Hong Kong Cemetery", will be speaking about her research in to the life stories of some of its ordinary denizens at the Royal Asiatic Society in London on 18th October. The time is 2:30 pm and the venue is the Lecture Theatre, G/F, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD. Cost is £8, and includes refreshments.

The online trading platform, Alibaba, has been much in the news lately as its pending listing on the New York Stock Exchange will potentially make it the highest valued company in the world, dwarfing western internet giants like Google, eBay and Apple. This recent story in the Guardian gives the reader an idea of the force for change in China that Alibaba (and the internet) has become. In south-east China, the opportunities offered by online trading platforms to local crafts people appear to be reversing the flow of people from the cities back to the countryside.

The Bagri Foundation will host its next Asia on Screen event at Asia House (63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP) on Tuesday, 7 October from 6:45 - 8 pm. The topic is Chinese Cinema, a talk by film expert Chris Berry, who will examine the codes governing what it takes to be a good man in Chinese culture and how they are changing under modernity. It asks the provocative question, "Why does Bruce Lee never get the girl and why is that a sign of his success?" Tickets for this event are available here .

Do you know any recent graduates (or adventurous teachers) who might be interested in teaching English at a respected college in China? I can vouch personally for the people at Shenyang Institute of Engineering, where I lived in a campus apartment while teaching at the nearby University of Liaoning five years ago. SIE recruits for both educational institutions and is currently hoping to engage two English (ESL) instructors, plus an administrator with expertise in Curriculum Design and staff training, as well as Instructors in Electrical and Power Engineering. Let me know if you would like more information or to be put in touch with Ms.Crystal Chen, the SIE liaison oficer.

While discussing with SACU member Tony Beckingsale, author of "Letters from Hankow: The Chinese Revolution of 1911", the difficulty he had in finding a British museum that expressed any interest at all in acquiring the notes and letters of his relative Laura Beckingsale's eyewitness account of one of the seminal events of the 20th century, I coincidentally heard a Radio 4 re-broadcast of a Roger Law report on 'museum fever' in China. He says a new museum opens every month and his talk is downloadable from the BBC website . Tony is writing an account of how he finally found an interested museum - in Hankou - for a future issue of China Eye.

Finally, a thought-provoking piece from Caixin Online on Why 'Gentleman' Matters, an examination of 'soft power' projection and how China could profitably take a lesson from Britain, at least in this department.

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