Printed prospectus for SACU's inauguration, listing the aims and objectives of the new society. It is followed by the initial list of 172 sponsors. It also included a membership form. Only the text is included here. A facsimile of the complete document is also available in PDF format.

This page includes links to Wikipedia and other web sites about the many eminent sponsors. I have also included the dates and extra notes in italics about some of the sponsors.


THE SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING (SACU) seeks to provide a medium through which the vast panorama of Chinese life may be brought closer to the British people.

From the most ancient times, Chinese thought and practice have made unique contributions to the richness of all human civilisation. Scholars in every field of endeavour pay tribute to the genius of the Chinese people, continuously active throughout the ages.

In ancient and mediaeval times China was often in the forefront of discovery and invention, with a standard of life - as Marco Polo found - higher than anything that Europe could then show. But with the coming of the Renaissance, while modem science and technology arose in the West, generating powerful nations and communities which took their people into the era of worldwide commerce, industrialisation, mass production - all the achievements of the modem age, Chinese culture continued to follow for a long time the slow growth of her age - old ways, isolated from these great up-thrusts of the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, in the latter half of the 20th century, the Chinese people have thrown off the cramping features of their past society. They are emerging once again to recreate their former greatness and to take their place as a nation with an immense contribution to the striving of the human race towards abundance and peace.

Reflecting this, SACU will seek to convey to the British people something of the richness and grandeur of the old China as well as the individual initiative and united energy of the new.

Today in China, a great aggregate of peoples, more than one fifth of the human race, is engaged in an unprecedented struggle to break out of the deprivations, poverty and backwardness of its pre-industrial society and create a new, bustling, dynamic nationhood. This tremendous endeavour must be seen and understood by the watching world; its true significance must be appreciated. No international problem can be truly analysed and no solution can be evolved if this metamorphosis in China is denied or wrongly interpreted. By providing fact and information of the widest scope, SACU aims to enable every interested person in Britain to make his or her own assessment of this development.

While SACU, as a British organisation, will not identify itself with Chinese policies, it is essential that Chinese views on all matters should be made known. This does not exclude constructive comment and sympathetic criticism. What it will attempt is to foster friendly relations between our countries, making more widely known to the British people the currents of thought and tradition that ran unbroken through the old China, by tracing the transition from the old to the new and by reporting and analysing all the varied elements that make up the totality of present-day China. The study of China's culture, history, science, agriculture, industry, commerce, politics, education, social welfare and sport illuminates all the aspirations, problems and great achievements of the Chinese people, past and present. Thus we hope that SACU may become a living link which will deepen understanding and appreciation.

Translated into practice, SACU will be an organisation of individual members and local or regional branches. It will be concerned with:

(a) The distribution of Chinese books, magazines, statements, pamphlets, etc.

(b) The publication of a magazine providing information about all planned activities, articles of general interest, members' views and comments, and news from China.

(c) Planning of major central events, e.g. theatrical and musical, exhibitions, lectures, film shows.

(d) Organisation of delegations to and from China.

(e) Exploring opportunities of explaining British life and ideas to the Chinese people.

(f) Group tours to China.

(g) Assembling a varied stock of Chinese films (features, documentaries, scientific, news, etc.) which will be generally available.

(h) Providing an information service for schools, researchers, and others interested in specific aspects of Chinese developments.

(i) Acting, as and when possible, as a liaison for the exchange of information in cultural matters between China and Britain.

(j) The establishment of committees of specialists drawn from the membership, e.g. Music, Drama, Dance, History, Education, Science, Archaeology, Economics, Social Relations, etc.

(k) The provision of lecturers for SACU branches, universities, schools, societies, political parties, professional organisations, etc.

All residents of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth interested in the aims and activities of the Society are cordially invited to join as members.


Leo Abse 22/4/1917-19/8/2008Member of Parliament, PontypoolRights campaigner
Abu 1924-2002CartoonistDrew cartoons for Punch and Daily Sketch as 'Abraham'
Sir Richard Acland 26/11/1906-24/11/1990Founder of CND, co-founder of Common Wealth party
Mary Adams 10/3/1898-15/5/1984Deputy-Chairman, Consumers' AssociationBroadcaster and Pioneering television producer at BBC
James Aldridge 10/07/1918Writer and journalist
K.J. W. Alexander 14/3/1922-2001Professor of Economics, University of StrathclydeEconomist and University administrator
A. Alvarez 05/08/1929Poet, novelist, critic for Observer
K. Amoo-GottfriedPresident, Council of African Organisations
Sir Eric Ashby, F.R.S. 24/8/1904-22/10/1992Master of Clare College, CambridgeBotanist and Vice Chancellor
Sir A.J. Ayer, F.B.A. 29/10/1910-27/6/1989Wykeham Professor of Logic, University of OxfordPhilosopher and Humanist
Michael Ayrton 20/2/1921-17/11/1975Artist and writer
Sir Gerald Barry 20/11/1898-21/11/1968Newspaper editor and organiser of Festival of Britain
George Bilainkin 1915-16/3/1981Journalist
Reg Birch 7/6/1914-2/6/1994Trade unionist, leader of AEU, founder of British Communist Party
The Rt. Rev. John Wilson 23/11/1897-22/7/1970Bishop of BirminghamAnglican bishop of Singapore and then Birmingham
Robert Bolt 15/8/1924-21/2/1995Playwright, screenwriter, Oscar winner
Sir Maurice Bowra, F.B.A. 8/4/1898-4/7/1971Warden of Wadham College, OxfordClassical scholar and VC of Oxford, born in China
Lord Boyd Orr, F.R.S. 23/9/1880-25/6/1971Nutrition research, Nobel Peace prize winner 1949
Sir Lawrence Bragg, F.R.S., M.C. 31/3/1890-1/7/1971Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution;Physicist (crystallography); Nobel Physics prize winner 1915
Lord Brain Of Eynsham, F.R.S. 23/10/1895-29/12/1966Doctor to Winston Churchill and others; eminent neurologist
Asa Briggs 07/05/1921Professor of History, University of SussexHistorian of the BBC
Benjamin Britten, O.M. 22/11/1913-4/12/1976Composer, conductor
Ritchie Calder 1/7/1906-31/1/1982Professor of International Relations, University of EdinburghJournalist; peace activist; humanist
Canon Edward Carpenter 27/11/1910-26/8/1998Anglican priest and author
Ernst B. Chain, F.R.S. 19/6/1906-12/8/1979Professor of Biochemistry, University of LondonBiochemist; Nobel prize for Medicine 1949
The Rev. G. B. Chambers 18/1/1881-1969Anglican priest and author
Lord Chorley Of Kendal, Q.C. 29/5/1895-27/1/1978Legal scholar and Labour politican
Anthony ChristieLecturer in the Art and Archaeology of S.E. Asia, University of LondonArchaeologist
Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark 6/1895-28/6/1971Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, University of OxfordAnthropologist; anatomist
Sir John Cockcroft, O.M., F.R.S. 27/5/1897-18/9/1967Master of Churchill College, CambridgePhysicist; Nobel prize Physics 1951
Harriet Cohen, C.B.E. 2/12/1895-13/11/1967Pianist
Alderman Lewis C. Cohen 28/3/1897-21/10/1966Chairman, Alliance Building SocietyLabour politician; Building society founder
Ruth Cohen 10/11/1906-27/7/1991Principal of Newnham College, CambridgeEconomist and University administrator
The Rev. Canon L. John Collins 1905-1982Anglican priest; Founder of CND
Sir Learie Constantine, M.B.E. 21/9/1901-1/7/1971Cricketer; lawyer; rights activist
J. Patrick Corbett 1916-99Professor of Philosophy, University of Sussexsocial philosopher
C. A. Coulson, F.R.S. 13/12/1910-7/1/1974Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, University of OxfordMathematician, chemist
J. G. Crowther 1899-1983Science journalist, civil servant
Basil Davidson, M.C. 9/11/1914-9/7/2010Historian, writer, africanist
Raymond Dawson 1923-2002Fellow of Wadham College, OxfordSinologist, crossword setter
C. H. DobinsonProfessor of Education, University of Reading
E. R. Dodds 26/7/1893-8/4/1979Emeritus Professor of Greek, University of OxfordClassical scholar
Dr. Richard Doll 28/10/1912-24/7/2005Physiologist
D. J. Enright 11/3/1920-31/12/2002Professor of English, University of SingaporePoet, novelist and critic
Lord Farringdon 20/3/1902-29/1/1977Labour politican, pacifist
H. S. Ferns 1913-1992Professor of Political Science, University of BirminghamAcademic
M. G. FlemingProfessor of Mineral Technology, University of London
Meyer Fortes, Ph.D. 1906-1983William Wyse Professor of Anthropology, University of CambridgeAnthropologist
Peter De Francia 25/1/1921-19/1/2012Artist, painter
Dr. John H. Fremlin 4/3/1913-09/3/1995Department of Physics, University of BirminghamNuclear physicist
Elisabeth Frink 14/11/1930-18/4/1993Sculptor, printmaker
E. Maxwell Fry, C.B.E., F.R.I.B.A. 2/8/1899-3/9/1987Architect, painter, writer
Sir John Fulton 27/5/1092-14/3/1986Vice-Chancellor, University of SussexUniversity administrator, BBC governor
Penelope Gilliatt 25/3/1932-9/5/1993Novelist, screenwriter, film critic
D. V. Glass 2/1/1911-23/9/1978Professor of Sociology, University of LondonSociologist
Victor Gollancz 9/4/1893-8/2/1967Publisher, humanitarian
Jack GrayDepartment of History, University of Glasgow Historian
Beryl Grey 11/6/1927-Ballet dancer
Sir Kenneth Grubb, C.M.G., LL.D. 9/9/1900-3/61980Chairman, House of Laity, Church Assembly Missionary, public servant
Sir Noel Hall 1902-1983Principal, Brasenose College, OxfordEconomist, academic
Han Suyin 12/9/1916-2/11/2012Physician, novelist
Dr. W. B. Harland 22/3/1917-1/11/2003Department of Geology, University of CambridgeGeologist
David Hawkes 6/7/1923-31/7/2009Professor of Chinese, University of OxfordSinologist
Jacquetta Hawkes 5/8/1910-18/3/1996Archaeologist, writer
Barbara Hepworth 10/1/1903-20/5/1975Artist, sculptor
Christopher Hill 6/2/1912-23/2/2003Master-Elect, Balliol College, OxfordHistorian, author
E. J. HillPresident, Amalgamated Society of BoilermakersTrade unionist
Hilde T. Himmelweit 1918-1989Professor of Social Psychology, University of LondonSocial psychologist
H. E. Hinton, F.R.S. 24/8/1912-2/8/1977Professor of Entomology, University of BristolEntomologist
Eric Hobsbawm 9/6/1917-1/10/2012Reader in History, Birkbeck College, LondonHistorian
Dorothy C. Hodgkin, O.M., F.R.S. 12/5/1910-29/7/1994Wolfson Research Professor; Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford Biochemist, Nobel prize Chemistry 1964
Lancelot Hogben, F.R.S. 9/12/1895-22/8/1975Vice-Chancellor, University of GuyanaZoologist, statistician
Richard Hoggart 24/9/1918-10/4/2014Professor of English, University of BirminghamSociologist, writer
David Holbrook 9/1/1923-11/8/2011Fellow of King's College, CambridgeWriter, poet
H. Emlyn Hooson, Q.C. 26/3/1925-21/2/2012Member of Parliament, MontgomeryLawyer, politician (Liberal)
Alec Horsley 1/9/1902-11/6/1993Industrialist, Founder of CND
Sir Julian Huxley, F.R.S. 22/6/1887-14/2/1975Biologist, Founder of WWF
D. W. JamesReader in Anatomy, University College, LondonPhysician
Dr. Hewlett Johnson 25/1/1874-22/10/1966Anglican priest
Richard Kahn, F.B.A. 10/8/1905-6/6/1989Economist, academic
Franklin Kidd, F.R.S. 1890-1974Chief Scientific Officer, D.S.I.R. (Retd.)Scientist, civil servant
Commander Sir Stephen King-Hall 21/1/1893-2/6/1966Editor, King-Hall News-LetterNaval officer, politician, writer
Dr. N. Kurti, F.R.S. 14/5/1908-24/11/1998Reader in Physics, University of OxfordPhysicist
D. LambertGeneral Secretary, Amalgamated Union of Foundry WorkersTrade unionist
Dr. E. R. Lapwood 1910-1984Fellow of Emmanuel College, CambridgeGeologist, peace activist
Owen Lattimore 29/7/1900-31/5/1989Professor of Chinese Studies, University of LeedsWriter, sinologist
Benn W. Levy 7/3/1900-7/12/1973Politician (Labour), playwright
Hyman Levy 1889-1975Emeritus Professor, University of LondonPhilosopher, mathematician
Oscar Lewenstein 18/1/1917-23/2/1997Theatre and film producer
Arthur Ling, F.R.I.B.A., M.T.P.L.1913-1995Professor of Architecture and Civic Planning, University of NottinghamArchitect
Kenneth Little 1906-1991Professor of Social Anthropology, University of EdinburghAnthropologist
Joan Littlewood 6/10/1914-20/9/2002Theatre director
Sir Ben Lockspeiser 9/3/1891-18/10/1990Chemist, President of CERN
Christopher Logue 23/11/1926-2/12/2011Poet, pacifist
Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, F.R.S. 28/1/1903-1/4/1971Professor of Chemistry, University of London Physicist, crystallographer
Sir Robert Macintosh 17/10/1897-28/8/1989Professor of Anaesthetics, University of OxfordPhysician, anaesthetist
Sir Compton Mackenzie 1883-1972Novelist, writer, SNP founder
The Rt. Rev. William Lindsay Greer, D.D. 28/2/1902-30/10/1972Bishop of ManchesterAnglican bishop
Dr. Sidnie Manton, F.R.S. 4/5/1902-2/1/1979Research Fellow, Queen Mary's College, LondonEntomologist
Kingsley Martin 28/7/1897-16/2/1969Journalist, editor of New Statesman
The Rt. Rev. Trevor Huddleston, C.R., D.D. 15/6/1913-20/4/1998Bishop of Masasi, TanzaniaAnglican bishop, African rights activist
Denis Mathews 18/8/1913-1997Artist
Denis Matthews 27/2/1919-25/12/1988Pianist, musicologist
Somerset Maugham 25/1/1874-16/12/1965Novelist, writer, playwright
Dr. Kurt Mendelssohn, F.R.S. 7/1/1906-18/9/1980Reader in Physics, University of OxfordPhysicist
Bernard Miles 27/9/1897-14/6/1991Actor, director
Jim Mortimer 12/1/1921-23/4/2013Trade unionist, Labour party secretary
John Mortimer 21/4/1923-16/1/2009Lawyer, author, screenwriter, playwright
Sir Nevill Mott, F.R.S. 20/9/1905-8/8/1996Master of Gonville and Caius College, CambridgePhysicist, Nobel prize winner (Physics) 1977
Dr. Dorothy Needham, F.R.S. 22/9/1896-22/12/1987Research Worker, Biochemical Laboratory, CambridgeBiochemist
Dr. Joseph Needham, F.R.S. 9/12/1900-24/3/1995Fellow and President, Gonville and Caius College, CambridgeBiochemist, sinologist
John Neville 2/5/1925-19/11/2011Actor
W.C. W. Nixon 22/11/1903-9/2/1966Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of LondonPhysician
The Rt. Hon. P. J. Noel-Baker 1/11/1889-8/10/1982Member of Parliament, Derby SouthPolitician (Labour), diplomat, Nobel prize winner (Peace) 1959
Conor Cruise O'Brien 3/11/1917-18/12/2008Politician, writer, historian
Cyril Offord, F.R.S. 9/6/1966-4/6/2000Professor of Mathematics, University of LondonMathematician
William Owen 18/2/1901-3/4/1981Member of Parliament, MorpethPolitician (Labour), suspected Soviet spy
Wilder Penfield, O.M., F.R.S. 26/1/1891-5/4/1976Honorary Consultant, Montreal Neurological InstitutePioneering neuro-surgeon
Roland Penrose 14/10/1900-1984Chairman, Institute of Contemporary ArtsArtist, historian, poet
William Plomer 10/12/1903-21/9/1973Novelist, poet
Cecil Powell, F.R.S. 5/12/1903-9/8/1969Professor of Physics, University of BristolPhysicist, Nobel prize winner (Physics) 1950
Herbert M. Powell, F.R.S. 1906-1991Professor of Chemical Crystallography, University of OxfordPhysicist
John B. Priestley 13/9/1894-14/8/1984Novelist, playwright
Edwin G. Pulleyblank 7/8/1922-13/4/2013Professor of Chinese, University of Cambridge Sinologist
The Rev. J. Putterill Vicar of Thaxted, Anglican priest
Dame Marie Rambert, D.Litt. 20/2/1888-12/6/1982Director, Ballet RambertDancer, teacher
Sir Herbert Read 1893-1968President, Institute of Contemporary ArtsPoet, art critic
Sir Michael Redgrave 20/3/1908-21/3/1985Actor, director
Vanessa Redgrave 30/01/1937Actor, political activist
E. A. C. Roberts 20/4/1912-20/8/1994Politician (Labour), Trade unionist
Joan Robinson, F.B.A. 31/10/1903-5/8/1983Reader in Economics, University of CambridgeEconomist
Micheal Rothenstein 19/3/1908-6/7/1993Artist, printmaker
Bertrand Russell, O.M., F.R.S. 18/5/1872-2/2/1970Philosopher, mathematician, historian, Nobel prize winner (Literature) 1950
Geoffrey E. M. de Ste. Croix 8/2/1910-5/2/2000Fellow of New College, OxfordHistorian
Abdus Salam, F.R.S. 29/1/1926-21/11/1996Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of LondonPhysicist, Nobel prize winner (Physics) 1979
Lord Silkin, C.H., P.C. 14/11/1889-11/5/1972Politician (Labour), solicitor
Alan Sillitoe 4/3/1928-25/4/2010Writer
Norman F. Simpson 29/1/1919-27/8/2011Playwright
The Rt. Rev. Mervyn Stockwood, D.D. 27/5/1913-13/1/1995Bishop of SouthwarkAnglican bishop, writer
Ruskin Spear, R.A. 30/6/1911-17/1/1990Painter
Sir Basil Spence, O.M., P.P.R.I.B.A. 13/8/1907-19/11/1976Professor of Architecture, Royal AcademyArchitect
Dr. Edward Spooner 22/5/1904-30/8/1995Dean, London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineBiologist
Walter J. H. Sprott 1897-1971Emeritus Professor, University of NottinghamPsychologist, writer
David Steel 31/03/1938Member of Parliament, RoxburghPolitician (Liberal)
Sir Gordon Sutherland, F.R.S. 8/4/1907-27/6/1980Master, Emmanuel College, CambridgePhysicist
Philip Sutton 20/10/1928Artist
Peter C. Swann1921-Keeper, Department of Eastern Art, The Ashmolean Museum, OxfordArt historian, sinologist
Richard Synge, F.R.S. 28/10/1914-18/8/1994Biochemist, Rowett Research Institute, AberdeenBiochemist, Nobel prize for Chemistry (1952)
Oliver Tambo 27/10/1917-24/4/1993Politician (ANC)
Harold W. Thompson, F.R.S. 15/2/1908-31/12/1983Professor of Chemistry, University of OxfordChemist, Chairman of F.A.
George Derwent Thomson 1903-3/2/1987Professor of Greek, University of BirminghamClassical scholar, philosopher, politician (Communist)
Jeremy Thorpe 29/4/1929-4/12/2014Member of Parliament, North DevonPolitician (Liberal)
Richard Titmuss 1907-1973Professor of Social Administration, University of LondonSociologist
Feliks Topolski 14/8/1907-24/8/1989Artist, painter
William Townsend 1909-1973Reader in Fine Art, University of LondonArtist
Arnold Toynbee, C.H. 23/8/1889-22/10/1975Historian
Hugh Trevor-Roper 15/1/1914-26/1/2003Regius Professor of Modern History, University of OxfordHistorian
Herbert A. Turner 1919-1998Professor of Industrial Relations, University of CambridgeEconomist, Statistician
Arnold Tustin, M.Sc., M.I.E.E. 16/7/1899-9/1/1994Emeritus Professor, University of LondonEngineer
Fred Uhlman 19/1/1901-11/4/1985Writer, painter, lawyer
Sir Stanley Unwin 19/12/1884-13/10/1968Publisher
Dame Janet Vaughan 18/10/1899-9/1/1993Principal of Somerville College, OxfordPhysiologist
Dame Joan Vickers 3/6/1907-23/5/1994Member of Parliament, DevonportPolitician (Conservative)
Conrad H. Waddington, F.R.S. 8/11/1905-26/9/1975Professor of Genetics and Embryology, University of EdinburghBiologist, philosopher
William Warbey 16/8/1903-6/5/1980Member of Parliament, AshfieldPolitician (Labour)
The Rev. Dr. Leslie D. Weatherhead 14/10/1893-5/1/1976Minister-Emeritus, City Temple, LondonTheologian
Kenneth W. Wedderburn 13/4/1927-9/3/2012Cassel Professor of Commercial Law, University of LondonPolitician (Labour), lawyer
Carel Weight, C.B.E. 10/9/1908-13/8/1997Professor of Painting, Royal College of ArtArtist
Raymond Williams 31/8/1921-26/1/1988Fellow of Jesus College, CambridgeNovelist, critic
Clough Williams-Ellis, F.R.I.B.A. 28/5/1883-9/4/1978Architect, creator of Portmeirion
Colin Wilson 26/6/1931-5/12/2013Philosopher, writer, novelist
John Tuzo Wilson 24/10/1908-15/4/1993Professor of Geophysics, University of TorontoGeologist
Dorothy Woodman
Leonard Woolf 25/11/1880-14/8/1969Author, publisher
John Yudkin 8/8/1910-12/7/1995Professor of Nutrition, University of LondonPhysiologist, nutritionist

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