Draft letter to be sent to possible sponsors of SACU. Early 1965


The significance of China in world affairs is growing so markedly that our relations with that country and its culture are acquiring exceptional importance. It seems to us highly desirable therefore that accurate information about current developments in China and their historical background should be available as widely as possible.

We greatly hope that you may feel able to join us in setting going a Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding. Its basic aim would be to spread knowledge, to dispel misconceptions and to counter misrepresentations. Our intention is that it would organise public meetings, exchange of visits, film shows, exhibitions and the like. It would provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of Chinese life, thought and policy. Furthermore, we would aim to get lively branches established all over the country.

As you may perhaps know, there has been a Britain-China Friendship Association in existence for a number of years, but we have long been dissatisfied with the way in which it has functioned. Owing to the excessive influence of a narrow political viewpoint, it was never able adequately to represent a broad range of British opinion. We intend that S.A.C.U. should be an organisation of an entirely different type.

May we associate your name with this venture as an Initiating Sponsor of S.A.C.U. and call you into consultation about how best to get it afloat?

Yours sincerely,
   Joan Robinson.
   Joseph Needham.

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