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anhui Chinese nameanhui
Main Industriesagriculture (rice, tea, timber), industry, coal
Foreign Trade12,245
Ethnic minorities0.1%
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Situated inland astride the Yangzi (Yangtse or Changjiang) River, Anhui is a rich agricultural land on the fringes of the North China plain.

At the Southern border are the famous Yellow Mountains (Huang Shan) a great attraction for the Chinese since the Tang dynasty and now is popular with foreign tourists.

Slightly further north is the sacred Buddhist mountain of Jiuhua Shan (Nine Flower Mountain) named by the Tang poet Li Bai in the poem :

Looking far ahead from Jiujiang
I saw the peaks of Jiuhua
Emerging from the Heavenly River
Like nine beautiful lotus flowers

Huangshan Sunrise
Sunrise at Huangshan

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