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China Eye is a widely respected magazine giving an independent view of all aspects of China and is published quarterly to members of SACU. SACU has produced a magazine / newsletter for forty years.

China Eye contains Sinofile - a news digest of recent events in China, a wide range of articles, an Newsletter and information - anything with a Chinese connection.

It is the member's journal of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU). To receive a copy you need to join SACU, please go to the membership page to start your application online.

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Issue 44 (Winter 2014)

China Eye 44

Sinofile - A regular round-up of news from China.

Master Sun & the Art of War - Chris Henson reviews the impact of Master Sun's 2,500 year old text and whether it defines a distinct 'Chinese Way of War'.

China's Challenge: using its culture as an instrument of soft power - Barnaby Powell and Alex Mackinnon survey China's long history and culture.

Including people with learning difficulties: An ethnology of three services - Dr. Martin Partridge looks at the providsion of social and health care for people from Chinese backgrounds in the UK.

Reading about China 12 - Dr. Haris Livas-Dawes introduces more books she has found useful in learning about China.

Growing up on Merseyside between the 1930s and 1950s - Norman Fung remembers his upbringing in Liverpool in war-time Britain.

SACU and Meridian news and events - Upcoming and past society events.

China Eye Diary - Notices and events.

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