All about China

SACU has a wealth of information about all aspects of China built up over the last forty years. A large number of pages have been divided into sections for convenience and ease of browsing.

About China Why learn about China? Our introduction page explains why China is so important.
Chinese Language
Learn about the impact and appeal of the Chinese Language through a collection of pages covering proverbs, families and poetry. Includes: Language basics; Proverbs; Poetry Chinese History
An index of pages covering the history of China through the last 5,000 years up to 1949. Includes: Great inventions; Maps showing China's development; The first emperor; China's ancient examination system.
Chinese Traditions
The Chinese have a large set of unique traditions that make the study of Chinese culture so fascinating. Includes: Food; Acupuncture; Paper cuts; Festivals; Medicine; Calligraphy; Astrogological years Communist Chinese History
People's Republic
Topics covering the turbulent era of Communism 1949 to 1990. Includes: Political slogans; Mao suits; Early tours; Deng xiaoping; Great Leap Forward
Modern Chinese History
Modern China
Life in modern China today. Includes: Environmental policy; Car industry; Modern Nanjing China and the World
China and the Rest of the World
China's contacts with the rest of the World over the last few millennia. Includes: Opium Wars; SACU's early days; UK friendship societies; British Chinese Communities; Victorian attitudes to China
Chinese Geography
Learn about the varied provinces that make up the vast country of China. Includes: Map of China; Visit to Sichuan; Yangzi gorges; British Chinese Communities; Xinjiang province China Photo Album
A gallery of over 1,000 photographs with a cultural or historical dimension of China. Includes: Summer Palace, Beijing; Map of the Long March; Daqing oilfield; Oroqen children

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