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Times Past | Celebrating National Day 1967

Nearly a hundred persons assembled in the Holborn Assembly Rooms on Tuesday, 3rd October, for a celebration evening organised by SACU to mark the eighteenth anniversary of the Chinese People's Republic. Those present - more than a quarter of whom were guests of SACU members - were entertained by a programme of international folk singing followed by a buffet.

The meeting was opened by SACU's chairman Dr Joseph Needham who welcomed all members and guests. After referring to the currently troubled world situation and emphasising the vital role that SACU had to play he extended a special welcome to three Chinese guests Mr Wang and Mr Liu from the Embassy and Mr Wu from the Bank of China. After his speech Dr Needham presented Derek Bryan who was SACU's first Secretary with a gift - The Times Atlas of the World - from the members, in gratitude for all his work for the Society. In thanking the members Mr Bryan said “In times like these SACU must show its friendship and I hope the Society will find the way forward”.

Entertainment was provided by folk singer Peter Dukes; David Hung of Cambridge who played a Chinese two-string violin; Leon Rosselson with his repertoire of satirical folk songs; and Ivan Delay assisted by his brother and sister-in-law with more songs. Apart from being a friendly and convivial evening to mark a great occasion the celebration event also helped the work of SACU in another very welcome way. It introduced many new people to the work of SACU.

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