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guangdong Chinese nameguangdong['wide' 'east']
Main Industrieslight industry, commerce, agriculture
Foreign Trade13,257,932
Ethnic minorities2%
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Guangdong province is rather isolated from the rest of China because of the mountainous terrain between itself and the hub of Eastern China. It has always looked South-East to the sea for its influences. The city of Foshan boasts a long history of porcelain manufacture.

Early trading contacts with the West were mainly through the capital city of Guangzhou (or Canton) and the majority of overseas Chinese are descended from people of the province. This is the reason that many of the Chinese who are settled in the West speak Cantonese rather than Mandarin Chinese. It now includes the former British colony of Hong Kong.

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Guangzhou Memorial
The Guangzhou Memorial Mausoleum built in memory of those who died in the Guangzhou Uprising in December 1927

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