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hebei Chinese namehebei['river' (Yellow) 'north']
Main Industriescoal,oil
Foreign Trade18,531
Ethnic minorities4%
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Logically both the great cities of Beijing and Tianjin belong in Hebei Province as they are located within its natural border. Deprived of these major cities the province has one big attraction for tourists and that is the Great Wall or Wanli Changcheng. This portion of the Wall is strategically important as there are no natural defences to keep the marauding Mongols out.

It is rich in coal and oil reserves and this gives its cities an industrial flavour. Much of the land is on the flat coastal plain. On the coast to the North the famous beach resort of Beidaihe attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists during July and August.

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Anji bridge, Hebei
Anji bridge, Zhaoxian, Hebei, the oldest surviving stone bridge in China, built in the Sui dynasty (581-618).

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