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hunan Chinese namehunan ['lake' 'south']
Main Industriesagriculture (rice,ramie,tea), antimony
Foreign Trade7,352
Ethnic minorities10%
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Situated on rich agricultural land this province has always been a major food producer. Hunan (not to be confused with Henan that which is located further North) is famous as the birthplace of Chairman Mao and Liu Shaoqi. There is a railway that takes tourists to see the birthplace at Shaoshan including Mao's birthplace and school.

The large freshwater lake of Dingting attracts many visitors, it is close to the river port of Yueyang on the Yangzi.

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Yue Fei Temple, Hunan
Yue Fei Temple, Heng Shan mountains, Hunan. Originally called Zhiguo Yuan (Temple of Wisdom) when first built in 1221.

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