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The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded 50 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.

Our Magazine section has extracts from the latest issue of China Eye including contents of all issues over the last ten years.

About China is a reference resource with over 400 web pages of information about China. Including language, history, geography, photographic gallery and traditions.

We have launched the George Hogg Fund to promote educational exchanges between Britain and China with special emphasis on the Shandan School where he was headmaster. For more details please see George Hogg Fund Appeal.

Some places are still left on our 50th anniversary tour of China including Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.
Summer 2016 issue of China Eye (50th Issue) available online.
Read the latest news stories about China in our Sinofile column.
You can now download and read the report on our 50th Anniversary event that was held last May on our 50th Anniversary page.

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August/September 2016

The “Taste of Beijing” continues on Thursday, September 15th with a free cultural exchange event in the Conference Centre of the British Library to which you are invited. There will be a number of activities running throughout the day including a fabulous display of 500 books published by Beijing Publishing Group; an exhibition of photographs and information about “Chinese Wartime Science: through the lens of Joseph Needham”; footage from a contemporary documentary on the 2013 anniversary tour following the footsteps of Joseph Needham from Chongqing to Dunhuang; analysis and reflections from Dr Frances Wood, former Head of the British Library China. Please join us if you can. section; a talk and discussion with John Moffett of the Needham Research Institute about Joseph Needham in Wartime China, plus a rare opportunity to see one of the unique films about China by the celebrated film-maker, Felix Greene.

SACU member Dr. Martin Partridge, Lecturer and Researcher in Social Care at the University of Wolverhampton, is launching a Chinese Social Care and Health website for British citizens of Chinese ancestry, or whose first language is Chinese, on October 1st here . This service is being provided as a cooperative endeavour with volunteers from the Chinese community in the Midlands and will cover residents throughout the UK. Martin is also an ethnographer and explains how that works in his web site . For more information you can contact him directly at, via Twitter at or via Facebook at

Continuing his extraordinary pace of publishing a new book every six months - or so it seems - Lau China Centre Director and SACU member Dr. Kerry Brown's latest book, with co-author Simone van Nieuwenhuizen, is China and the New Maoists (Asian Arguments) and is now available here .

.... and welcome to SACU membership Ena Niedergang, author of "Wales-China: 250 Years of History"

"The author sets out to recognize the remarkable people and events that have bound these two nations together. This rich history is both varied and, in many cases, has proved to be significant to the evolution of the ‘Dragon Nations’. Such a contribution towards this history included that made by missionaries, the military, coalminers, governors, traders, a clockmaker and on and on. The links with China are amazing. Wales and China. ‘WALES CHINA 250 YEARS OF HISTORY’ sets out to chronicle the unique history and contribution made by two ancient and fascinating nations". - Professor Prys Morgan, Swansea

More information:

Stephanie Jackson of Generation UK: China Network circulates an excellent source of information that will interest SACU members looking for China-related employment or internship opportunities in the UK or China, for career and networking tips, or simply for insights into the overall China -UK relationship, in her fortnightly Highlights newsletter. All SACU members are invited to join the China Network and participate in its activities, and start here .

Western firms sometimes use the fallback explanation for when they experience failure in the China market: the game was rigged against us. The Economist takes a more analytical view in their August 6th issue. In “China’s Tech Trailblazers” they advise “the Western caricature of Chinese internet firms needs a reboot”. Why did Uber fail in China? Because Uber was, says the Economist, out-competed.

The SACU 2016 50th Anniversary tour to Beijing-Xian-Shanghai with an excursion to Fengxian to visit George Hogg-related sites is now confirmed and reserved but we are able to hold a couple more places open for late comers for a few more days. This will be a spectacular trip and if you would like to join us in mid-October see here for details.

Is Hong Kong ready for Climate Change? Here's an essay for our Hong Kong members from China Dialogue looking at the city's defences and preparations.

“Despite huge investments in flood defences, residents fear how this low-lying metropolis will cope with rising seas and sweltering temperatures, writes Mike Ives.”

And for our members studying the impact of China’s investment in Africa, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies provides a series of policy briefs that indicate an overwhelmingly constructive influence .

If you haven’t seen this, you should - just so you can say you did. Anne Allan of Chinese Brush Painters sent in this item which seems characteristic of China and Chinese art in so many ways. The meticulous 40-foot long wood carving here , by sculptor Zheng Chunhui is a 3D representation of the famous Song Dynasty scroll painting by Zhang Zeduan 'Along The River During The Qingming Festival', which you can see here .

The link above includes a You Tube video displaying the electronic version of the scroll (in which the characters actually move around while on their errands!) that was created for exhibit in the China Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010.

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