Internet SACU subscription

We have introduced a new membership type for non-UK residents and students.

Rather than receive SACU's magazine China Eye by post we send it by e-mail as a PDF file (you will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader installed to read it). If on the other hand you would like a printed copy please apply for standard membership on our membership page

Because we do not need to send a magazine by post we make a big saving on printing and postage costs and so can offer membership at a reduced rate.

Internet membership subscription costs just £ 8 a year . We accept payment for this type of membership only by PayPal to make your application please press the Subscribe button and make your PayPal subscription payment to SACU. You can pay in your local currency, PayPal will compute the current exchange rate for you.

If you would like more information about SACU membership please use the contact form to send us a question. Many thanks for your support.

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