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Contents of SACU's former magazine China in Focus for the year 1997.

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Issue 2 (Spring 1997)

Sinofile - Alan Searl gives a regular round-up of news from China

Sea of bridges - Asa Briggs SACU's president explains the society's role

Promises and portents - Sir David-Akers Jones offers his hopes for a Hong kong on the verge of change

Strange bedfellows - Richard Swede examines Hong Kong's forthcoming legal system

Offers of sanctuary - Fuchsia Dunlop explores the issues in adopting Chinese children

Deng's legacy - Russell Smythe summarises Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms

Travel update - Neil Taylor discusses the latest options for flying to China

China's roads revisited - Anthony Reynolds returns to China to relive his wartime experiences

What future for higher education in Hong Kong? - Dr Isidore Cannon examines the mounting concern for University education

Obituary : Frida Knight - Peace campaigner, socialist, scholar and journalist

Obituary : Jack Perry - Businessman, trade pioneer, and founder member of SACU

Obituary : Deng Xiaoping - David Goodman probes the life of China's late patriarch

Books - The Cambridge Illustrated History of China

Issue 3 (Autumn 1997)

Sinofile - Alan Searl gives a regular round-up of news from China

New China, qigong and chicken feed - Tao Tao Huang finds science and superstition curiously intertwined in Chinese popular culture

Media games - Kevin Latham tunes in to Guangdong television

Shattered hearts - Rachel Harris looks at the popular concerns revealed by Xinjiang's music industry

Body memory - Ione Meyer recalls her martial training at the Beijing Opera School

Lutes and loudspeakers - Francesea Tarocco surveys the musical sounds of contemporary China

Dinosaurs ? - Fuchsia Dunlop asks Die Lo why closing down China's state-owned firms may not be the answer to the country's economic ills

Russia's secret files - Paul Wingrove sifts the archives for new evidence on Sino-Russian relations in the 1950s

Tackling poverty - Rose Acock describes the work of the Development Organisation of Rural Sichuan

Women on the edge - Louise Beynon looks at the plight of China' s laid-off women workers

Flying in the cage - Ben Rogers reviews the state of Christian churches in China

Borderlands - Neil Taylor explores China's border regions

Reviews - Art; Books; Dance; Film.

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