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Contents of SACU's former magazine China in Focus for the year 1998.

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Issue 4 (Spring 1998)

Sinofile - Alan Searl gives a regular round-up of news from China

Spring Winds - John Gittings tests the political temperature in China

Tibet : Failed promises - Robbie Barnett on the deadlock in attempts to solve the Tibetan issue

Perilous Waters - Felicity Thomas looks at attempts to tackle China's worsening water crisis

Watch the birdy - Alan Searl finds an endangered bird is the focus of an environmental debate in Taiwan

Youtai : The mythical Jew- Zhou Yun on stereotypes of Jewishness in China

All in the family - Alison Callaway looks at how Chinese families deal with deafness

A passage to China - Neil Taylor takes a critical look at China's tourism environment

Keep on writing - Clemens Treter explores the works of Su Tong

Entering the gates - Rebecca John recounts the amazing tale of Taiwan's National Palace Museum

Taking risks - Tam Ly meets Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wei in London

Obituary : Liao Hongying - Innes Herdan describes the remarkable life and contribution of a founder of SACU

Books - Fragments of a life; Captive Spirits: Prisoners of the Cultural Revolution.

Issue 5 (Autumn 1998)

Sinofile - Alan Searl gives a regular round-up of news from China

Chinese Cures for British Ills - Lisa Brook examines the rise in popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern Calendar Conundrum: Chinese or Foreign in Origin? - John Bayne looks at the history and culture surrounding one of the most ubiquitous items in modern Chinese homes - the humble wall calendar

Foreigners Building Bridges of Understanding - Francesca Tarocco takes us on a tour of expatriate haunts around China, and observes the mixing of cultures over local beer

Tourism is Transformed - Neil Taylor reports on the changes taking place in Chinese tourism

Daily Lives Captured - Sandrine Rousseau's stunning new exhibition is previewed

Books : Hong Kong Handover Assessed - Aasiya Lodhi and Cyril Cannon review 'East and West' and 'Hong Kong : China's New Colony'.

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