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Contents of SACU's former magazine China in Focus for the year 2002.

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Issue 12 (Summer 2002)

Sinofile - Elizabeth Deanley gives a regular round-up of news from China

Opening in China - Felipé Fernandez Armesto asserts China's centrality in world history

The high life - Zac Hinton recounts his experiences as a journalist in Shanghai

After hours - James Bollen and Oliver Stunt tell the story behind Shanghai's secret night club

Constructing the Chinese Jews - Zhou Xun looks at the 'Chinese Jews', real and imagined

How to be half Chinese - Sophie Taylor explores the ambiguity in being labelled - 'Half-Chinese'

Changing times on the roof of the world - lan Hume challenges SACU members to rethink the current criticism of the situation in Tibet

An English country garden - Dr Keith Ray charts the history of China's influence on English garden design

A unique experiment - Justin Crozier examines China's Imperial examination system

Beijing international conference on political philosophy - Daniel Kofman reports on the conference and on his interaction with a group of Chinese intellectuals

Travel review - Neil Taylor reviews two new guidebooks.

Issue 13 (Winter 2002)

Sinofile - Elizabeth Dearnley gives a regular round-up of news from China

After the handover - Tom Watkins looks at the changes undergone in Hong Kong since it returned to China

A secret language - Elizabeth Dearnley explores an all but forgotten language, used only by women

Movement of the people - Xiang Biao looks at the historical reasons why the Chinese migrate

Changing China - Wang Xiao Yan explains the differences between young and old today

Books - Donald Clift with news and book reviews

Pulling the right strings - John Roberts recounts his time in China as a visiting puppeteer

Motoring on - Dr Keith Ray charts the history of China's automobile industry

Sinobusiness File - The latest news of China's business world.

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