70 year old flute player Li Guo'an from the Gucheng People's Commune, Dingxing county, Hebei.

Modern flutes are descended from the Classical Chinese flute. The flute made from bamboo has been in use in China for several thousand years.

Many of the flutes called Dizi, like the ban di, etc. have an additional hole between the embouchure (mouth hole) and the first finger hole, which is covered with a special membrane (di mo) to produce a buzzing, kazoo like element to the flute tone, adding a particular rich sound featured in Chinese flute playing. When this buzzing sound is not desired, this hole can simply be covered and then the flute will make a clear basic flute tone.

Chinese flutes have also been made of other materials than bamboo, including jade, ivory, metal, and bone, but bamboo is by far the most typical.

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