Shanghai is once more a busy and affluent port with fine buildings. In the early 20th century Shanghai became the centre of foreign trade with American, French, British and Japanese businesses setting up operations at this convenient port at the mouth of the Yangzi (Yangtse).

Growth was phenomenal, however the foreign powers kept themselves apart from the millions of Chinese who had flocked to the City. It became the 'Paris of the East' and the grand buildings along the Bund waterfront at Shanghai were a testament to growing foreign influence in China. For an excellent account of life in these days as seen from a young Englishman watch the Spielberg film Empire of the Sun or read JG Ballard's original book.

After the rigours of Japanese occupation and the Civil War Shanghai is once more the industrial powerhouse of China.

An archive photograph of The Bund, Shanghai from the 1920s.

Province: Shanghai Date: 1920 Copyright: © SACU