Da Qing Oil Field

Da Qing Oil Field

Defying the bitter cold, oil workers at the Daqing oilfield, Heilongjiang working hard on a driling derrick in 1971.

Daqing Oilfield is the largest oilfield in China. The oilfield situated between Harbin and Qiqihar was made a national model in 1964 when Chairman Mao Zedong issued the call "In industry, learn from Daqing". To prove that China could do without the support of Soviet technicians and assistance, and to counter claims that the country would never be self-sufficient in oil, major exploration activities were started in the Daqing area in early 1960. By May of that year, over 40,000 workers and staff from more than 30 factories and mining institutes had started the "massive battle" of opening up the oilfield.

One of the chief workers involved was Wang Jinxi who was termed the 'Iron Man' for braving fatigue, injuries and difficulties. By the end of 1963, Daqing was operating at full speed. In the following years, it became the model that all industrial departments had to emulate.

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