Chishui River

Chishui River

The Chishui River at the point where it was crossed by the Red Army on the Long March in Guizhou Prvince (1975)

More recently the area has been developed according to a China Travel Guide :

Maotai Liquor Distillery, which provides top-quality liquor to state banquets, is situated by the Chishui River in Guizhou province. The prestigious distillery plans to profit from the global market opportunities offered by China's entry into the WTO.

"We are in an age different from the time of China's Civil War more than 67 ago and we are encoding new meanings into the Long March," said Yuan Yiqiao, director of the Publicity Department of Chishui city.

Chishui is also the name of a scenic attraction in the area. limpid and beautiful Waterfalls, virgin forests and seas of lush-green bamboo groves make Chishui a State Beauty Resort. Quite a number of investors hope to buy the rights to develop tourism in the area.

On an island in the Chishui River, once shrouded in gunpowder, more than 1,000 egrets hover and dwell. "The place which had been stained with the blood of the Red Armymen is even more enchanting and valuable now," said Yuan.

People never forget the Red Army martyrs. Fresh wreaths to memorialize the martyrs are often seen in front of the monuments and in the cemetery.

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