Dragon Head Cliff

Dragon Head Cliff

Tourists ascend the Dragonhead Rock (Lung Shou Ya) on Mt. Lushan, Jiangxi Province in 1980.

This cliff has been described poetically as a dragon ready to leap into the sky. Below the cliff is a forest of grotesque rocks with extraordinary pines growing from their crevices. Standing at the top can bring on vertigo. Many monks used to jump off the cliff to fulfil their aspirations to become immortals and that it is why it is called Self-Sacrifice Cliff (Sheshenya)

Mount Lushan is listed as a place of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

The Jing Tu Zong otherwise known as the Clean Earth Religion, a branch of Buddhism originated here in the fourth century.

No mountain is really beautiful without flora. Mount Lushan is known for its variety of plants, including rare ancient trees, hardy old pines, cypresses, verdant grass and green vines and colourful flowers. The mountain boasts almost all the different types of plants you may expect to find anywhere.

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