Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Grove

The bamboo surrounded Inkstone-Washing Pond. It was built in the place where Su Dongpo (Su Shi) (1037-1101) washed his inkstones. In 'San Su Ci' there are a lot of bamboo groves.

In one of his poems, Su Dongpo wrote : 'I can go without meat in my meal, yet I can't live in a place without bamboo'.

Here is one of his surviving poems :

Moving to Lin'gao Pavilion

We are born between heaven and earth,
solitary ants riding a huge millstone.
For all our paltry attempts to move right,
we are helplessly turned by the wind wheel to the left.
Although I have practised benevolence and righteousness,
I have still not been able to escape hunger and cold.
The sword-blade pot - a perilous way to cook rice!
The spiked mat - no restful sitting there.
But do I not have these lovely mountains and streams?
Besides, in a blink of an eye, the storm will have passed.
Although one need not wait until old age to retire,
how many men have had the courage not to?
I am lucky to have been put out to pasture,
like a weary horse that has had its load removed.
My family has the run of this river post house.
At the tunnel's end, Heaven poked a finger through for me:
these good things balance out the hunger and poverty.
I have no need for either condolences or congratulations!
Tranquil and calm, I feel neither joy nor sorrow,
and so won't turn these words about hardship into a song.

Province: Sichuan Date: 1980 Copyright: © SACU