China Geography

Chinese Provinces Map

China Geography

This map shows all the provinces that make up China together with the names of the surrounding countries and the two main rivers of China (the Yellow and the Yangzi). Hover the mouse over the map to show the province name and then click on it to show more information about it.

China Province Map Xinjiang Tibet Gansu Qinghai Neimongol Heilongjiang Ningxia Jilin Liaoning Sichuan Shaanxi Shanxi Yunnan Hebei Guangxi Beijing Guizhou Tianjin Hainan Shandong Guangdong Henan Chongqing Jiangsu Hunan Shanghai Fujian Hubei Zhejiang Jiangxi Anhui

You can also click on the name of a Province for more information in the following table.

To look at the statistics for the provinces that make up China please visit this page.

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