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shandong Chinese nameshandong ['mountain' 'east']
Main Industriesagriculture (tobacco, peanuts), oil, coal
Foreign Trade95,214
Ethnic minorities1%
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The Yellow River delta and flood plain dominate the interior of Shandong Province cutting off the rocky peninsular from the rest of China. It seems to have been bye-passed by administrators and tourists yet it has a number of important highlights. The family home of Confucius (Kongfuzi) is located at Qufu and the sacred mountains of Tai Shan are revered by Daoists. The former German treaty port base of Qingdao is now world famous for its beer. Still further East is the former British treaty port of Weihai which has a strong twinning link with Cheltenham. SACU's Cheltenham branch host many visits from this important port.

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Taishan, Shandong
Visitors to Mount Taishan. Stone arch inscription 'Kong Zi Deng Lin Chu' (the site reached by Confucius) which he is believed to have climbed

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